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SOTU (Sounds of the Underground) is a music festival and cultural foundation organising events centering on and celebrating some unique aspect of the global independent music and art community and its diy and counter cultural traditions.



SOTU TV: Cuntroaches

Program: Sotu Festival '17 - 15 April - Occii >>> "This Berlin Noise/No-Wave 3 piece lovingly named Cuntroaches play whacked out crazy punk with almost unbearable levels of reverberation.Their debut four track demo is intense listening. A plethora of fierce guttural screaming, driven drum beats and noisy as fuck guitars, with the odd splattering of electronic noises to unnerve you and draw you in. This is a loud and relentless demo, an in your face assault, that makes me really want to see them live. “

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SOTU Festival 2016

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