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SOTU (Sounds of the Underground) is a music festival and cultural foundation organising events centering on and celebrating some unique aspect of the global independent music and art community and its diy and counter cultural traditions. The festival takes place in Amsterdam (the Netherlands, since 2012) , yearly around April. In 2014 a special edition took place in Lithuania, over 10 days in 5 cities organised by Arma Agharta.  SOTU´s passion for genre bending sound and performances is at the heart of all their events – you can listen to noise, free-music, modular, rave, hardcore-punk, industrial, no-wave, freejazz, doom, staycore and avant-garde.


SOTU TV: ROOIE WAAS // ZIT JE LEKKER IN JE VEL? Video // Pablo van Wetten // instruments used: -cacophonator -weird sound generator album "Het is maar een constatering" NARROMINDED 2012 // //

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