De Peper Free Form Improv Music Group

VENUE: De Peper

on Friday 11 May 2012

at: 20:00-03:00

The Friday night's music program in Cafe De Pepper is a night of free form improvisational music. It's a platform for musicians with different backgrounds and sounds. The core group consists of DIY musicians, conservatory students and outdoor musicians from the Vondelpark. Members of the participating bands at the festival are invited to join. They all musically meet each other for the first time on one stage. In terms of music, think of a continuous flux of sound without borders, which develops and alters, and where musicians are able to step in and out the musical box.

Sander Linders/drums, percussion, electric bass and guitar/
Corne Jan Roos/contra bass, electric bass
Jerry Spurlock/amplified self-made zither
Stefanos Papamarkou/drums, electric guitar and guitar, korg keyboard
Francois Dey/tape, self-made synth
Alexandros Papamarkou/harmonium, casio keyboard, small percussion, musical toys
Julian Schneemann/piano, keyboard