Donné et Desirée

VENUE: Vondelbunker

on Saturday 12 May 2012

at: 20:00-20:30

are two nice, but somewhat noisy boys. Together they go in fragile soundscapes which often result in sonic whirlwinds. With drums and guitars make them harmonic, rhythmic and atonal clouds of sound, influenced by No Wave, Free Jazz and the New York School. Sometimes these clouds float by in all their composure, but often in dissonant color splendor, from a distance almost unnoticed. Sometimes, when they collide, imagine a storm and hurricane, accompanied by thunder and lightning. Both beaten as new roads is not much left over, really.Donne et Desiree really love minimalism, magnetism and gravity and feedback! Very occasionally they hear voices that tell them what to do. Instant improvisations and compositions often serve as the basis for structured documents in which improvisation, aleatory events and fixed together organically they alternate and engage in each other. All this with the energy and arrogance that you would expect from a punk band from Washington DC than with two gentlemen who graduated cum laude from the Conservatory of Istanbul. Donne et Desiree are delicious (and) abstract.

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