Gum Takes Tooth


on Saturday 12 May 2012

at: 18:00-19:00

Opposing drummers ignite a dense, focussed rhythm engine to propel thunderous evolving acid synth and refracted vocal manipulations. Motorik astrally projected drive-trains thrust through haunted subterranean soundscapes into epic swathes of crushing synth riffing heavy enough to compete with any de-tuned guitar monster. The group decisively bring together their influences of out-there noise, metal, primeval rhythms, spacious psyche, pan-ethnic oddities, primal punk, acid house and vintage electronics on their debut album 'Silent Cenotaph'. Thomas Fuglesang's live acoustic drums are physically wired into home grown electronic instruments and bare circuit boards that are tweaked, moulded and mangled in real-time by Jussi Brightmore. Jaxon Paine provides rhythmic counterpoint on second drum kit. Gum Takes Tooth is all live. No laptops, samplers, backing tracks, guitars or basses feature in Gum Takes Tooth.