Martin Duvall


on Friday 11 May 2012

at: 15:30-16:00

Using the body as a means of expression was taught to Martin C. de Waal by years of modelling. He now uses this experience for his art. He tries to make people rethink their opinions, to make them less quick to judge, by pushing the boundaries of self alteration. Using the relative accessibility of fashion imagery he lures his public into understanding his artistic statement. But his images are only part of his performances. Giving staged interviews, submitting fake magazine articles and providing digitally edited proof of his physical mutations are all part of his mission, to find out what constitutes a human identity. Often his activities have been associated with the concept of cyborgs, the constructable man. It is thought our future will be race- and genderless. De Waal makes us question that prospect by showing exactly what the results of this perceived utopia will be. By making use of different alter egos {like the DJ, VJ and performer Martin Duvall (NL)} and constantly providing false information about himself, he seems to be in control over is own media image. This kind of control is rare for any artist or celebrity and here it is used to give a continuing comment on the boundaries of humanity. He takes our wish for a world without judgement and shows us its frightfull implications.

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