Modern Witch


on Saturday 12 May 2012

at: 19:00-20:00

is Kristy Foom, Mario Zoots and Kamran Khan. The band came up in the underground scene of Denver in 2008 but now works co-located from different countries. Modern Witch makes music for the dance floor with house and wave influences and deep vocals, sometimes creating a spooky effect. Modern Witch started in the very active underground DIY scene in Denver, Colorado. The city is small enough that all of the "underground" scenes are pretty well integrated - metal kids, graffiti artists, punks, writers, video artists - everyone knows each other and hangs around together. People open their houses for concerts and this is how Modern Witch started in music, at house shows. In 2009, Kristy moved to Amsterdam and Modern Witch has since been focused on recording and playing select shows when invited. Kristy has been performing Modern Witch solo shows in Europe in the last year and for each live set, she works with a video artist to create a strong visual atmosphere to accompany the music. Any chance the original members of the band have to get together and play, is taken. In addition to music, Kristy has been publishing artist books under the name Drippy Bone Books since 2007 and has exhibited her collage artworks internationally.

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