Orphan Fairytale


on Saturday 12 May 2012

at: 22:00-23:00

Eva van Deuren has visited Amsterdam several times over the last couple of months in sound & vision duo Eekhoorn X. They shared the bill with Thurston Moore at OCCII, playing a great set around the theme of food and eating. In her solo project Eva creates a maze of ever-changing Casio trips dripping with childish ecstasy, a belly dancer oozing for endless adolescence playing with burned dolls in a Barbie house filled with pedals and looptapes. Melanchotronic folk, reminiscent to some Moondog, the contemporary Finnish crew, Delia Derbyshire, and Asian pop. Orphan Fairytale's discography spans over releases on Ultra Eczema, Bennifer Editions, Sloow Tapes, Puik, Imvated, Blackest Rainbow, Not Not Fun, a split 7" with Pocahaunted on Release The Bats and many more. For SOTU she promised us a special tribal dance set!

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