Rooie Waas

VENUE: Vondelbunker

on Saturday 12 May 2012

at: 19:30-20:00

(Rooie Waas, dutch for SEING RED) could be the soundtrack for the phenomenon itself if you associate structured repetitive beats with rage. RW only associates itself with the cause of creating music. Enough boring talk. some facts: Debut album "het is maar een constatering" is an electronic album full of good beats, interesting sounds and smashing dutch lyrics about you! If you listen closely there are no melodies, notes or anything in that fashion. This album is build up from noise patterns which suggest melodies, all compiled into standard pop music arrangements. RW make dutch sing-a-longs guided by noisebeats covered with smelly moist dirt. RW is based in Amsterdam, Europe and consist of: Gizmo (netherlands), Mikael (finland), Steindor (iceland)

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