Sebcat (BE) & Cinnamoon


on Sunday 13 May 2012

at: 16:30-17:00

of the global Rebel Up! collective (and bimonthly nights in OCCII) will open up his mysterious Maj Tahal cassette grotto to unveil many musical gems from allover the Indian subcontinent. Expect a fine selection of folkloric and disco pop from different Indian states, cinema songs from beyond Bollywood, sufi synthpop from Pakistan and digital folklore from the Nepali mountains. Dance, swirl, nod or listen anyway you like! DJ Cinnamoon (ES) Since 2005, the DJ Cinnamoon project has been compiling the best popular music from the Middle East. For this special lo-fi meeting we will enjoy a short audio-retrospective with original cassettes of Googoosh, Erkin Koray, Omar Souleyman, Haifa Wahbe and many other Turkish, Kurdish, Persian & Arabic extraordinary artists still unreleased for the Western audiences.

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