Spindokter Ries


on Saturday 12 May 2012

at: 23:00-24:00

Richard starts mixing in the late 80's, Italo, New beat, Hip-house and later Acid House. In 1992 he starts the House of Freaks posse with his friend Jason. After playing in obscure nightclubs in Rotterdam, he got to play in Parkzicht, Rotterdam based club, where he plays mainly (Belgian) Techno. Just after this period CYB-X was formed, a group of Rotterdam who organized underground techno parties. Richard was one of them. After six months Richard decides to leave the project and team up with two other Dutch posses to create the Mononom project. During the Mononom parties, the music was transforming into a hard, pseikadelik form of acid/tekno. Lately his DJ sets are less frantic than in Mononom times involving more elektro-breaks and footwork, but still with the same psychonautical drive and lots of energy. It is for sure that a set from Spindokter-Ries will take your mind to another level.