VENUE: De Peper

on Friday 11 May 2012

at: 15:00-15:30

VENUE: De Peper

on Saturday 12 May 2012

at: 16:00-16:30

is a dj, composer and sound artist. He's interested and likes to research music and collects vinyl. Next to sampling, and using diverse equipment, he also creates his own acoustic instruments, electronic devices and installations. TAKiMi is currently based in Amsterdam, where he has started off as a DJ at Radio Rietveld (online radio station of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy). He has been DJ-ing and performing under several aliases at different locations such as the Paradiso, Melkweg, Bimhuis, OT 301, Occii, festivals, expo-openings, happenings, demonstrations and street parties.