Teen Radiation


on Friday 11 May 2012

at: 17:00-18:00

is another incarnation of the Tilburgian millipede (Vincent Koreman) that's brought you class acts such as Ra-X, Ghosryda, Sonido del Principe and more recently, Wolfskind. In this project, he explores the vast universe of ambient drones and psychedelic noise. Renowned retailer Boomkat couldn't have put it better: "Dissolving Sun Ra's solar energy in the acid fuzz of Japanese psych rock, they synchronise your hemispheres in a cross-eyed ascendance through seven majestically heavy throw-downs, swimming across channels of molasses feedback, high on burned-out amp smoke, bathing in the phosphorescent glow of a lysergic flash. The heavy lids of stoner rock are shut tight, entranced by the light displays of infinitely unfurling haze washed forth from their unknown mass - there might be ten of them, or three: we don't know – but it's of no importance when your head's gone this far, you just need to trust that they can take you right out there without ever letting the real world creep in. Excellent stuff, recommended to fans of Xela, Om, Expo 70, AMT."