Alexandros Papamarkou

VENUE: Vondelbunker

on Saturday 11 May 2013

at: 0-0

Alexandros Papamarkou is a sound and performance artist. For SOTU he will make a sound performance in the Vondelpark. Reflecting on the overlap of artificial simulation of nature and nature's organic bending of the park. It's an attempt to establish new relations between sound, the listener and architectural designed environment. Creating amplified textures by capturing the subtle and hidden as they unfold themselves into audible manifestations. He makes use of the context and inter-reacts sonically, formulating an improvised language.Using self-made instruments and microphones, sampling the park with a backpack sound-system. You can join him in search for the inner park mantra and bird calls.The performance takes place in the park on Saturday evening starting & ending at the Vondelbunker. From 16:30 till about 19:30.

He will wander in the area indicated on the map which you can find on his blog.

Date: 11 & 12 May
Time: 16:30 - 19:30

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