Botfly & Holzkopf Duo


on Sunday 12 May 2013

at: 23:00-24:00


Botfly - acoustic + electronic percussion
Holzkopf - sampler, cassettes, synthesizer, vocals

Since 2011 John Brennan (Botfly) and Jacob Hardy (Holzkopf) have been developing an improvisational music based off of rapid-fire sampler and tape cut-ups, overloaded sonic structures and broken punk and free jazz rhythms.  The duo has been performing regularly in Vancouver, and while both members have extensive recording and touring histories, this will be their first tour as a duo.  The tour will be coupled with the release of a split cassette with Gintas K, a mainstay of the improv and digital music community of Lithuania.  

Brennan (Botfly) has spent most of the last decade as a major player in the Montreal experimental and improvised music scene before his relocation to Vancouver.  His activities have culminated in a European tour as a solo act as well as a recent Japanese tour as part of the project "Totems."  His playing style is equally aggressive and thoughtfully textured.  Hardy has gained a following for his Holzkopf project through 5 European tours since 2006 as well as countless Canadian tours since 2001.  While the music of Holzkopf varies from ambiances to assaults of static rhythms and controlled feedback, the project has gained an overall reputation for physical and visceral performances. 

12 May / 23:00 / OCCII


Video for Botfly & Holzkopf Duo

Soundcloud for Botfly & Holzkopf Duo