on Sunday 12 May 2013

at: 20:00-21:30

DIT (Do It Together)

(Alek Riguelme, 2013)  is a full-length documentary film that explores the new ways of creating and exchanging sounds. It is about the life of independent artists who struggle to survive making music in a changing world, with a large number of DIY artists taking part, giving their opinions and ideas of where this medium is heading to, along with plenty of great live performances. The movie is focused on the DIY ideology and the ways the artists and their art implement these ideas in a turbulent world.

Hey gals & lads! (. ・。・ .)ノ”
Due to some unexpected events and unforeseen delays, our documentary "Do It Together" unfortunately won't be ready for screening at the SOTU Festival, so there will be some changes in the schedule for the DIT night: instead of the screening of the movie, there will be a talk-about-the-movie by Do It Together's director Alek Riquelme, after which we will play the clips from the documentary [some fresh&unseen!], followed by Q&A with the audience and the DIT crew! After that, an awesome party + live music: The Sasters, John Dikeman & Andy Moor [duo], Zea, Botfly&Holzkopf Duo! :)
Both SOTU and DIT are independent projects, so please come support us!
See you all at the ★SOTU Festival★



Video for DIT