VENUE: Vondelbunker

on Sunday 12 May 2013

at: 17:00-18:00

What would it sound like if 50 Cent and Paul Elstak were asked to write an Aboriginal style soundtrack for a David Lynch movie together?

The (collective) subconscious, surrealism and ritual behaviour are topics that inspire the members of G∆RTM∆LEN. These are reflected in the music and on stage. The identity of the band members plays a subordinate role to the “gesamtkunstwerk” that they will perform. Through masks and outfits an interplay between image and sound is created. Masks suggest secrecy, change. The wearer gets closer to the gods, spirits and instinctive wisdom of the animal.

Dark synths and (distorted) vocals combined with catchy rhythms, sometimes accompanied by a hardcore kick drum.

GΔRTMΔLEN has recently been featured on the latest release of Antilounge, a label and platform from The Hague that aims to promote the local electronica underground since 2003. Other Antilounge artists on SOTU Festival this year are Filosofische Stilte and Loyu, and in 2012 there were performances by Rivers Area Juke Squad and Mataklap. 

12 May / 17:00 / VONDELBUNKER


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