John Dikeman & Andy Moor (duo)


on Sunday 12 May 2013

at: 22:00-22:30

John Dikeman is an American saxophonist currently residing in Amsterdam. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, John’s playing runs the gamut of improvised music and technique, ranging from reductionist extended technique based improvisation to full throttle free jazz. He is a member of Amsterdam based band Cactus Truck.

Andy Moor  is an experimental musician, best known as the guitarist of the UK band Dog Faced Hermans and the Dutch punk collective The Ex. His latest projects include a quartet with Ken Vandermark, Terrie Hessels and Paal Nilssen Love called Lean Left, and duos with Anne James Chaton, DJ /Rupture, Colin Mclean and Christine Sehnaoui. Moor continues to be a full-time member of The Ex.

12 May / 21:30 / OCCII

Video for John Dikeman & Andy Moor (duo)