VENUE: Vondelbunker

on Friday 10 May 2013

at: 22:00-23:00

The work of Machinist / Zeno van den Broek focuses on the synergy between the sonic, the visual and the spatial. To Zeno van den Broek, music and sound do not just move along a chronological axis, as in the procession of resonant waves with respect to linear time. Music and sound also extend into depths or heights and yet other dimensions or perspectives, such as tactile and mental spaces. The focus of his work is the immersive quality of spatiality in sound and vision. As an architectural engineer by trade, the sonic perspectives of Zeno are not only formed by musical blueprints or musicological heritage but are focused on the relation between space and sound. His visual and spatial work includes pieces where sound forms an integral and interwoven aspect, context or extension in and of the artwork as a whole. Next to and independent of the visual-spatial sonic works and performances, he creates (silent) paintings and sculptures, focusing on the experience of space, time and place.

10 May / 22:15 / VONDELBUNKER

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