Nora Mulder


on Friday 10 May 2013

at: 22:00-22:45

Nora Mulder (Amsterdam) is trained as a classical pianist in Rotterdam and
Paris and now performing contemporary composed & improvised music on piano & cymbalom. She performs solo, with her own groups 7090 and pianoduo Post & Mulder and with various various ensembles for contemporary music throughout Europe. Nora is also active as an improviser. She is member of Corkestra and has her own improv band with Yedo Gibson on reeds and Renato Ferreira on double bass, called Trolleybus. Apart from playing “concert music” whether composed or improvised, on piano or cymbalom, Nora surges for all possibilities of performance: a musician is not just heard, also to be seen. Therefor she is also to be seen in theatre and dance performances and works frequently with visual artists, dancers, actors, poets and chefs. Exclusive performance together with Dennis Tyfus & Roro

curator: Toztizok Zoundz

10 May / 22:00 / OCCII

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