on Friday 10 May 2013

at: 20:30-21:00

Luc van Weelden: As a performance artist, Luc plays with laptop, circuit bent toy instruments, DIY electronics, turntables and sensors, traveling from one sound to another rapidly and highly sensitive and responsive. PQ is the solo performance where he plays music with electonics in a free improvised way the likes of Sun Ra. His main work is based around electronic music. Groups: Dagora, Peter Quistgard, PQ, Puh Quh and others. Besides his own work and work in cooperation with others, like the LOOS Ensemble and Peter van Bergen, Luc has been facilitating technological setups for the reproduction of pieces with specific hardware or software requirements, build VJ applications on demand, performed electronics scores, developed music and non-music systems.

11 May / 21:00 / OCCII

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