Red Stars Over Tokyo


on Friday 10 May 2013

at: 21:00-22:00

Early hours post techno nostalgia wave. No arty theories, just a fast ride through any decent record collection crossing Kosmic pulses, electronica, wave, ambient. Solo project from Jeroen (Leuven, Belgium) who delivered a summer record "Hits Of Sunshine" just before winter. His fifth album on Hot Hair, a tiny label with some releases, all self released in modest volumes. From synthesizer ambient to driven techno, with a solid moody undertone. Red Stars made his first live debut at the Amsterdam Dance Event, i.a.w Gonzo Circus 'Listen To This in Muziekgebouw aan' t IJ, October 19, 2012. Soon to be out, two more new releases, "Crossing a frozen sea”’ (beginning of April)’,  and “’Melody Attack Remixes’’ first week of May. (has 2 edits from the nice people of Machinefabriek and Vindicatrix)

10 May / 21:00 / OT301

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