SOTU @ dOeK Festival

VENUE: Vondelbunker

on Monday 30 November -1

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May 5th, Vondelbunker, 21:00:

The Lock

The Lock is a new group born in the underground scene of Amsterdam. Formed in 2012, it presents a junction between free improvisation, electronics and noise. Those elements come together in the complementary phrasing of multi-noises and scary surprises. All the directions are a possibility for the music and the trust of the musicians in each-other can be heard as strong as the heart of a predator in a jungle of sounds and energy. The name “The Lock” is the best symbol that represents the communication between the players that go from one place to another in parallel motion without any pre-appointments or pre-compositions.

Coming from completely different places (Ireland, Brazil and The Netherlands) the trio has been chained together on the spirit of free music making, from noise to silence.
The Lock is: Stephen Doyle – drums, woods ; Luc Van Weelden – electronics; Renato Ferreira – sax

Dead Neanderthals (NL)

No jazz just grind! Dutch sax / drums duo Dead Neanderthals aims directly for the jugular with their new album POLARIS, an all-acoustic tour de force mastered by the king of noiseLasse Marhau. Out in March 2013 on Utech Records. Dead Neanderthals did shows with Shining (No), Napalm Death, Staer, MoHa!,Gum Takes Tooth, Gnod just to name a few, and played festivals like Incubate, Le Guess Who?, De Affaire, Solomacello, Sotu Festival 1st edition and many more.

Cactus Truck (NL)

Cactus Truck creates startlingly intense music. In each performance, they push themselves beyond their limits through improvisation, resulting in a quick-paced music of very high energy, often genre defying, pulling raw and pure emotions out of their instruments. The band formed in Amsterdam in April 2010 and has since played over a 100 concerts all over Europe and the USA. Their first official album entitled “Brand New For China!” (PE119) was released in March 2012 on Public Eyesore Records and has been well received by critics worldwide, describing the music with mere superlatives. They also released a cassette tape featuring Terrie Ex on Beyt Al Tapes called “Macho Sex with Terrie Ex”, and a self-made CD-R entitled Cactus Truck. Cactus Truck went into Seizures Palace in Brooklyn to record again at the end of an eight-week tour throughout the USA. A release of this material is planned for 2013. 

John Dikeman: Saxophone
Jasper Stadhouders: Guitar and bass

Onno Govaert: Drums

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