SOTU Open Stage

VENUE: De Peper

on Friday 10 May 2013

at: 21:00-24:00

Creators & performers of folk / metal / ambient / experimental / psychedelica / noise rock / punk /indie / electronic / noise/ hardcore / lo-fi / drone / doom / techno / garage rock / electro impro / poetry…… and so on and so on

Do you have the sound of the underground?

...Then get your ass outta that clay!
...climb outta that mineshaft!
...and do not hide yourself in a trench!


Come and play at the SOTU Festival May 10th at OT301 Amsterdam!

How does it work?

It is very simple; Come to ‘De Peper’ (OT301) before 18:00 to sign up with your band or acts on May 10th and you’re on the stage! FCFP system (first come, first play!) Performances starting from 21:00.

Email us:

We give & you’ll get:

# a supervenue at an amazing festival
# a backline, with drums
# sweet sound at a funky little place
# a sharp skilled sound-engineer
# very nice peeps at de Peper
# beers & other beverages

# SOTUsoup 

# promotion through various local & nationwide mediachannels
# SOTUfestival weekend tickets!
# SOTU fame

See & hear you at SOTU!