on Sunday 12 May 2013

at: 15:00-15:05

During whole festival. The artists platform Ukrop are presenting themselves at all locations, with five artists at the festival with audio and visual installations. Ukrop is an organization run by and for emerging artists and art-students who focus upon international collaboration, centering on organizing exhibitions abroad. The platfrom is used to (co) create, exhibit, promote and reflect. 

1. Project Title : Continuous Conjunction (4X4)
Place: OT301 16 parallel audio-scapes alternate and converge as one, from 4 different looped multi-track systems, into a poly-perceptional sea of potential mood. A controlled interference of random blindfolded poetry-mash, arranged by the versatile members of So Obsolete; André D. Chapatte (CH), Daniel Farr (UK), Martin K. Pedersen (DK), Lukas Varady-Szabo (CH) and Wilfred Wagner (DK)
2. Project Title: Installation Place: OT301 Installation connecting audience and musicians inspired by the name of festival. Artists:Konstantin Guz and Lyubov Matyunina
3. Project Title: Minimal Orchestra, interactive installation Place: OCCII Artist: Mélissa Tun Tun 

4. Project: Site specific sound installation Place: Vondelbunker
Artist: Kristian Mølberg


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