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SOTU Festival 2023


SOTU tips from our mediapartners (1)

Red Light Radio are working with us and supporting our festival mediapartners, they are broadcasting from Blauwe Theehuis. With shows by Wasted Years Of Pumping Iron on Friday 10th May & Saturday with Wavefiles, from 14-21, plus SOTU artists dropping by in the studio. They have selected something from our program.

Long Players Music Market
The nicest record fair in Amsterdam, we have been going since the first one and happy to see it is still going strong. Great addition to the festival!

Punk In Africa (docu)
Over the years we discovered quite some music from where we didn't expect it, South American Wave, Yugoslavian Boogie, Nigerian Synthesizer Music and Japanese Jazz. Can't wait to hear about Punk in Africa!

Hysteryland 2
Saturday we'll learn all about the curious world of "zeehondknuppel-core", "dark hysterische pinseks" and "ontmaagding".