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SOTU tips from other festival programmers (2)

Bronne Keesmaat is programmer of REWIRE, (8 & 9 Nov in Den Haag) and here his thoughts on some favoured acts.


Dead Neanderthals
Dead Neanderthals is a very intense live experience. To summarize it in a poetic way: their mix of improv, noise and jazz drags you along, immerses you and spits you back out on dry land. As if a tsunami has passed by.

I find the The Dutch improv / jazz / noise scene very interesting. Good to see that they are represented at SOTU 2013. My next tip comes also from that area; Albatre. A trio from Rotterdam, I still have not seen live, hopefully I can catch them SOTU.

Fine China Superbone
Fine China Superbone is a very sympathetic instrumental noise rock band from The Hague, who’ve been there for  some years. A while ago they have released their album on Narrominded that left me a positive memory. Guitar riffs one after another, flying around your ears, nice. Currently they are busy with other projects and they don’t play live so much,  do not miss your chance to see them.

Filosofische Stilte
Perhaps Luuk Graham (Filosofische Stilte) is one of the biggest beat-maker talents of the Netherlands. Together with Torus he represents the fact that The Hague is not only made of rock or underground techno.  What's so great about Filosofische Stilte is that every show is different, if you have not heard it a month or two, you will hear so much progression. Great to see how he is developing in such a short time.