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SOTU Festival 2024


SOTU thanks you

We would like to thank everybody who made the 2nd edition of SOTU Festival possible, all curators, partners, the venues, all the artists, the volunteers, photographers and our mediapartners. And everone we forgot, excuse us, we're a bit tired and blurry after 5 nights :). SOTU crew people, extra thanks to the men behind our website, and the designers, SOTU came alive because of you. The SOTU team, Tamara, Frank and Mark are grateful to all of you. And shout out to our 1000+ fans, we had a great time and hope you did too, unbelievable it is now over after 5 nights. Time flies when you are having fun. We are curious to hear your stories, and do share your photo, or short films. Until the next one, for news, sign up to our mailinglist so you won’t miss out on SOTU things…