Alpha Strategy

VENUE: Punto Jazz palėpė

on Friday 05 September 2014

at: 20:30-


on Saturday 06 September 2014

at: 21:30-

Alpha Strategy, the Canada based noise-rock / post-punk four-piece, is on tour in Europe during autumn 2014 in support of their new Alpha Strategy
(Ownness Records) vinyl LP.
Alpha Strategy began in 2011 as a solo project of Rory Hinchey. Following 2012's 30 country European tour with American outsider musician Zack "The Wild Man on Planet Earth" Kouns, Hinchey dumped the backing tracks, but stuck with the homemade synthesizers and threw his guitar into the live show.
Alpha Strategy now also incorporates the talents of James McAdams (guitar) and Ben O'Brien (drums) from Toronto's LAN Party, and Aaron "The Baron" Parent (bass) of Dean Jones Armada.

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