Antanas Dombrovskij

VENUE: Ukmergė museum

on Thursday 18 September 2014

at: 18:30-

In the Lithuanian scene of sound art and experimental music Antanas Dombrovskij is known for his numerous activities in different roles, various musical approaches, frequent and continuous collaborations. Because of extensive, masterly use of various digital and analogue equipment – from a sole and only laptop to a bunch of broken synthesizers, which have already become his stylistic trademark – Antanas’ performances bear an expressive lively character. In different musical contexts his sonic styles vary from ambient to drone, from abstract collages of glitchy electronica to savage electroacoustic impro patterns or something one could call noise – usually elements of these genres merge together in his compositions, shaping unique sonic textures. This is why his solo project Gana2 is always intriguing and never predictable.

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