VENUE: Venclovu museum

on Monday 08 September 2014

at: 17:00-

Music circuit bending workshop led by sound artist Tasos Stamou, focused on altering and upgrading the functions and sounds of the Stylophone, a UK-made pocket electronic keyboard organ with a characteristic sound. Participants will be guided through the process and completion of hard wiring transformation by adding pitch controls, body contacts, sustain mode, CVs and other functions to the stylophones provided by the stock. All materials and components included. This workshop is suitable both to beginners as an introduction to musical hardware hacking (circuit bending) as well as to more experienced hackers that wish to extend their knowledge and practice over the subject. Participants will complete this toy’s transformation into a powerful noisy mini-synthesizer with extended music/noise creation abilities (please note that the Stylophones used are the revived version, not the original ones from the ‘70s).
Tasos Stamou is a London-based electroacoustic music composer and free improvised music performer. A dedicated circuit bender and an instruments designer, he has been utilizing his handmade electronics into various performances and recordings for the past few years. He is a member of HELMCA (Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association) and an active member of the London Hackspace and the Music Hackspace. He has been running workshops of circuit bending in UK, Sweden and Greece.

Limited quantity of participants. for price and regsitration email: arma @ arma.lt


Video for Hack-A-Stylophone

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