on Tuesday 02 September 2014

at: 20:30-

Hassokk is the Lithuanian noise/industrial project. Idea for it was born from the stupid, even frustrating, feeling that concrete, surrounding us in every day life, has started to breathe. We can agree, that all this steel and concrete is pure manifestation of nothingness. It is thee korpse, that says nothing, does nothing. But the thing I am trying to say is that it started to transcend something that is is not itself. Something was born from the emptiness. The abyss is not gazing, it is trying to act in fundamental level and we can tune into vibrations of this movement. It is hard to talk about it, and I don’t like to do it. So many words said, so many sentences written. That is why I choose sound – it tunes you up in sub levels of unconscious, with aim to show you this “spirit of nothingness”.

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