Schelvis en de Pekels

VENUE: Punto Jazz palėpė

on Friday 05 September 2014

at: 00:00-

Schelvis en de Pekels is an electro-acoustic improvisation band from the Netherlands. The band is driven by elements of skitsofrenia, psychedelica, shock and hypnotism. Band members are situated in Amsterdam and active in improvisation and noise music scene (Occii, Sotu Festival, Plattegrond, Toztizok). The band decribes there style as: acid trip noise. Schelvis en de Pekels, accompanied by visuals and Master of Ceremony Frank Vis.

Stephen Doyle (Drummer):
H.A. van Hees (Feedback):
Hellash (Guitar/Noise):
Frank Vis (Vocal/Keyboard):


Video for Schelvis en de Pekels

Soundcloud for Schelvis en de Pekels