DJ Boris Becker


on Saturday 19 April 2014

at: 00:40-02:00

Maria Guggenbichler is an artist, curator, DJ, a funny woman, a laughing network, and a bunch of other hazy things. She tries to be based in Amsterdam, but hosts projects and events in Amsterdam and a lot of other places. 
Under her moniker DJ Boris Becker, Guggenbichler performs frequently within Amsterdam, at Club4REEL, Girls Like Us magazine and FATFORM parties; internationally at Kyselina™ parties at Kunstverein Munich, and all over Europe, where she played with acts such as 18+, Venus X, Total Freedom, or Lotic.
In Amsterdam she has hosted conversations, events, concerts and parties together with Hallo Gallo and Cinema SubREEL, and at venues such as Butcher’s Tears, Lost Property, San Serriffe, and OCCII, as well as in her living room (Soup For The Night) or her respective home (Sister From Another Mister, BijlmAIR, De Bijlmer).
Photo by Kasper Vogelzang.


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