Tim Hollander


on Saturday 19 April 2014

at: 20:30-21:00

Tim Hollander is a young audiovisual Amsterdam based artist. First venturing into music only a year and a half ago, his experiments are all about contrast, detail and structure, with room for failure.
With no background or training in music he works with very little means, e.g. on ‘Preset' he uses deep house presets and the sound of an old chair to create loops that play in different speeds, making the different rhythms collide throughout the tracks. The skeleton of each piece is recorded in one take, leaving space for errors and improvisation. Hollander is inspired by experimental dance music and more abstract forms of modular synthesis, e.g. made by Keith Fullerton Whitman.
For his visual work, on the other hand, he often works with a set of rules, such as the display in a museum or the rules of an encyclopedia. Within these boundaries he creates fantastic stories that still sound credible.

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