Diskette Deluxe


on Saturday 15 April 2017

at: 02:20-02:40

Chiptune / Synthpop / Synth Funk / 8-Bit / Bitpop / New Wave / Demoscene.

Diskette Deluxe is a project by Rutger Muller.

My goal as a composer, expressed in my R-Muller project, is to abstract personal emotion into contemporary spiritual sound. In 2012 I graduated as an MA in Music Technology, but already in 2006 I started to digitally transform the sounds of classical instruments. Through sampling and/or collaboration with instrumentalists, I aim to carve mystic sound worlds from the stress of globalised digital culture. My aesthetic builds upon classical ideas, from Renaissance opera to 20th century spectralism, but it also touches on the dissonance of Asian instrumentation, and it explores the ritual nature of techno.

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