dj Voorvocht

VENUE: Vondelbunker

on Saturday 15 April 2017

at: 14:00-14:30

Ramses Hoppa has been DJ'ing for many years now. Originally as a Reggae DJ, but in the 90's he added several forms of House to his act such as Goa Trance, Acid Techno and Break Beat. In the last decade he focused more on all forms of Reggae again and Ambient, as well as producing his own music and mixes for several radiostations in Holland and Hungary like Radio 100, Patapoe and Tilos. Later in the 00's he decided to take out the Balkan Beats en Gypsy sounds that he had been collecting in the years before and played this on almost every big club stage and festivals throughout Europe, Sziget and Glastonbury logically not the smallest ones.
Also he is a member of Circus Hoppa, a party group that combines Balkan Beats, Gypsy and Swing with Circus acts and with Lapidem (F) he forms Most Wanted, playing E.Swing, Balkan, Ska and more.
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