on Friday 14 April 2017

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KIKIRIKI-one woman live noise band from Maribor Slovenia....
Biography I started singing when I started speaking. Sang in school and church :) choirs, in several bands (kRVOJEMALCI, PILULE, ZGREĆ ENA INVESTICIJA), and continued doing that through years. For the last four years more playing bass guitar, keyboards all kinds, theremin, etc. :) Recently played bass in slow-enian r'n'r trio BE CREEP and doing synth and sampling in 7-headed ameba band OBERIU from Ljubljana. Had an noise duo called KIURIKI, we made an album called MORNING AFTER in the year 2011, but split up this summer.
KIKIRIKI is a one woman live noise band, playing experimental, freestyle noise of all kinds. Taking big influence from THE MIGHTY SPACE and rock and roll music from all eras. All the music is produced LIVE on stage or in the studio with different machines, such as korg and casio synths, micro theremin, bass guitar and vocals. KIKIRIKI loves to colaborate with other musicians and is a big music geek. Startin from the first recordings, through out the psych sixties, all through metal music and noise all kinds.

PS. KIKIRIKI is also a dub selectah MADAMDUB. And is organising DUBOMB events in Maribor.

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