Nnja Riot


on Friday 14 April 2017

at: 22:25-

Nnja Riot performs a one person riot in response to popular music and reinterprets musical norms in an improvised performance using vocals, fx pedals, instruments, phone apps, beats, loops and feedback.

"Utilising field recordings, instruction manual texts, loops, synths, various instruments, beats, phone apps and her voice, Lisa McKendrick deconstucts musical norms and releases them back into the wild glistening with new light and perspective"  Fu Inle

Nnja Riot "houses the most eccentric electric bongos that I’ve heard in a long time.  The amazing bongo is err…bongo-ing all over the place as the sound of the electronics (from the Pepsi generation) are splashed in rainbow patterns. Twisting through the slippery sheen of processed guitar and keyboards Nnja Riot does an unexpected nod to the goof-poetry of Adam Bohman as instructions are read out (for super glue or something) in a sing-song voice underwired with a hint of menace."
Radio Free Midwich


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