on Saturday 15 April 2017

at: 22:45-23:15

Born in an ankledeep puddle of blood in a gigantic squatted shack in the middle of the Lowlands, currently operating from Amsterdam, this duo twists and turns (posessed by Tozmen) across underground and upperground stages of the aforementioned country and far abroad, with a loving energetic warfare and completely disrupted costumated shows with a healthy dose of DIY mentality, that more often holds attention in a good way than in an evil way.
Dr Snoodaard composes the disruption somewhere between exotica, jungle/breakcore, musique concrete and avant hip hop with a touch of free jazz, while demolishing his sampler, vintage percussion pad and ditto keyboards out of naked enthousiasm. The Formulator dives in the whimsical bath with a mixture of spoken word, rap and poetry that bounces in between abstract dadaism and political subversity, sound poem and beatbox, throat singing and brave attempts at modern dance. Inaugurated in the Shamanistic Dadaism, hooked on honest art and experimental music that escapes expectations constantly, with love for the audience and a disdain to it’s expectations, a grounded distrust against the powerst that be and a passion for the evaporation of borders. Let there be gibberish ravings!

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