on Saturday 14 April 2018

at: 23:00-23:30

 CYCLIKWEETOS (FR, Paris/93) (Indus Dark Mongol - Techno Punk)

Cyclikweetos is the sound that comes out of your cereal box after 3 weeks of insomnia. When the waking nightmare ends up in irrepressible laughter and you strangle yourself with too much kibble. A trio of electronic torture then engrosses in your sick brain. A bizarre mix of martial arts and cheap music for gullible tourists who make your snot eyes squirt from the first note. Trying to escape your headache, you get lost in the streets and finish your evening wriggling on the dance floor of the geriatric ward of the public hospital where every old man wears telescopic glasses. One of them whispers you between two pirouettes that a Japanese medieval dog has encrusted in the evening. Suddenly panicked, you want to go get poisoned in the toilet to relax with the black fruit that the dealer of roses you exchanged an hour ago against the back of your girlfriend at the entrance of the building. Poison rises in your skeletal body that has nothing to lose. That your dance never stops.