Dj Papelón Kifesh


on Wednesday 11 April 2018

at: 23:00-24:00

''Miss Papelón Kifesh is the creator of the theme and organization.___'‘Papelón Kifesh'' It will be the introduction for this new Global Fusion event. Let’s share together this essential meaning of Global music. To create and develop more events with the collective of people and musicians who really know the core of the music. But also the history, and the roots of our rhythm of the music. The reason why I have chosen for the theme ''Papelón Kifesh'' is; because Global Fusion music has so many influences, that the rhythm inspires me very deeply. The journey through South America and Africa brought me closer to the music. Not the commercial side of music, but the people with their beautiful smiles, knowledge and love for the essential traditional music. Like live music playing in the streets, on national cultural parties, during ceremonies,etc. It is my challenge, my wish and my hope to develop this event around the core of Global music in a collective new style recreation; the name of the organization was ‘’El Disfrute Colectivo Del Papelón'' But the new name of the organization since march 2018 is: ''Papelón Kifesh’’ 

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