VENUE: Butcher's Tears

on Saturday 14 April 2018

at: 20:00-20:30

Manica is a Dutch Dark Ambient/Avant Garde project started in the Autumn of 2008 by L.(Samples, Vocals, Synths etc.). Later, asfor 2013 Sandra Tenwolde joined the project to complete her duty on vocals. As addition to future projects in april 2015 Irene Boekee was added to the line-up; Her role is keyboards and additional instruments. On the autumn days in October 2016,

In 2015 Manica started to co-operate with a producer named Koen Makkelie.

Description of sound

Manica is Nocturnism.

Based on the obscure mysticism of the occult, influenced on the Goddess of the Night in the Norwegian mythology, Nótt who brings the night riding the horse Hrimfax and influences the cycle of day and night.
To summon thy almighty darkness and find rest, lust, fear, nightmares/dreams.