VENUE: Cafe De Ruimte

on Sunday 15 April 2018

at: 15:30-16:00

Panenkov is the experimental electronic ambient moniker of the Dutch musician Marlon Penn. His involvement in music and arts goes beyond genre or discipline. After having toured as a solo singer/songwriter, a backing musician, a disc jockey and a dancer, he wanted to change his artistic direction towards complete expression in performing, involving the audience and their inner ear, being together in the uniqueness of the now.  Ignoring modules, Panenkov uses pocket synths, reverb springs, tapes and effects to sculpt an acoustic realm that adapts to the spaces in which he plays, making every performance a completely different one. Panenkov is about creating a fully improvised show, where the inaudible, emotional frequencies from both performer as his audience serve as the main foundation for this highly personal experience. 

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