Chen Yi Chung

VENUE: Yuotube Lve

on Saturday 18 April 2020

at: 12:30-13:00

Cheng Yi Chong

DJ Chéng Yì Chóng uses a strict DJ vantage to explore and create new worlds within the elements of music, noise and sound. Preferring the analog feel of Vinyl , Chéng Yì Chóng has a vast back catalogue of Techno/ DNB vinyl, which he likes to blend together with all different genres of music, from Instrumental Electronic, minimal, IDM, Glitch, Noise and countless others to create something that is quite often rare and unexplored by any other artist or DJ. Chéng Yì Chóng has a deep connection to Japanese Otaku culture and has used this interest to explore further into new and unheard types of music that he fuses together with other genres to create what is always described as a truly unique experience.




喜歡從DJ的角度來玩有趣的噪音、音樂,偏好用唱盤跟大量DJ手法,早年買了些黑膠唱片從此變成膠奴,DJ放歌喜歡實驗電子 / Minimal / IDM / Glitch / Abstract / Hip hop / noise 等不同類型跨越串來串去,近年接觸御宅族文化發現許多有趣的地下音樂也會放到dj set裡。


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