Clansie Cheng Daoyuan

VENUE: Yuotube Lve

on Saturday 18 April 2020

at: 13:00-13:30

Clansie Cheng Daoyuan







近年在國際間也稍有曝光,除參與英國、葡萄牙廠牌合輯外,於12月29日數位/卡帶發行首張專輯「旣 Aperion」,並獲香港實驗聲音組織Twenty Alpha肯定,選為2019年Top20之一。



Clansie Cheng Daoyuan is a Taipei-based new media creator whose works spans experimental sound performance, installation, and visual creation.

At the core of Cheng's art is the convergence of two distinct planes into a coherent form, striving to immerse himself in the here and now, while simultaneously, and paradoxically, seeking to exile himself in this non-existent time and space: where the true equates to the false, where to exist means to be extinguished.


In his performances, Cheng uses a combination of computer software and programming, analog effects pedals, and vocalizations, as well as his own installations, mixing industrial/noise/ambient/abstract and other elements to construct a distinctive atmosphere both doom-ridden and over-driven. 

Starting live performance since 2015, continues participate in various local scene actively, cooperate with different creators. He has performed around Taiwan, and played his first overseas shows in 2019 at venues in Koenji and Tachikawa in Tokyo, has accumulated nearly 50 performance experience so far.

In recent years, also been exposed internationally. In addition to participating in the compilations of British and Portuguese labels, the first album "Aperion" was released on December 29 on digital and cassette format, and was selected by the Hong Kong experimental sound organization - Twenty Alpha as one of the Top 20 releases in 2019.






See cybersotu2020 performance: attached youtubevideo

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