Do Not Cross Over This Line (Dirk Stromberg)

VENUE: Yuotube Lve

on Thursday 16 April 2020

at: 09:00-10:00

See cybersotu2020 performance: attached youtubevideo


Dirk Johan Stromberg is an American music technologist, composer, and improviser.

His body of work explores the dynamic interaction between performer, technology and

performance practice. Designing both hardware and software has led to the

development of a variety of interfaces, synthesis techniques, installation works,

electro-acoustic instruments, and interdisciplinary production works.

Current projects include a series of presentations and development of his tactile

interactive installation “Line Segments” and the collaborative video and movement work

“Images of Ascension”. His touring has led to a number of performances in Asia, North

America and Europe including Moers Festival (Moers Germany), KLEX Festival (Kuala

Lumpur, Malaysia), Map Festival (Melaka, Malaysia), Choppa Festival (Singapore),

Open Waters Festival (Halifax Canada), Duong Dai Festival (HCMC and Hanoi,

Vietnam), M1 Fringe Festival (Singapore) and Dear Himalaya From Chiang Mai (Chiang

Mai, Thailand).

Dirk Stromberg has been developing a number of hardware projects, most notably his

Phallophone, an electro-acoustic sensor-based instrument. He is developing repertoire

for the instrument with composers around the world, creating his own repertoire, while

also touring and presenting his work and research as a musician and technologist.

Dirk Stromberg is a founder of the Contemporary Music Festival in Vietnam (Duong Dai

Festival – 2007-2016) and is currently on faculty at LASALLE College of the Arts. He

was formerly on faculty at Istanbul Bilgi University, Saigon Technology University and

was head of music at School of the Arts (SOTA), Singapore.




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