VENUE: Twitch

on Sunday 19 April 2020

at: 03-04

*********************************************************** NO-FI ELECTRONICS / TRANSFUTURISM *********************************************************** Since 1999 Jacob Audrey Taves has been recording and performing music and sound collage work under the name Holzkopf.  Pushing low budget junk electronics to their limits and drawing heavy influence from plunderphonia, Holzkopf's sound sees organic structures, samples and chaos digitally crushed and arranged into industrial tinged songs and obtuse noise sculptures.  
Holzkopf's performance history includes the Vancouver New Music Festival (Canada), Vancouver Jazz Festival (Canada), Centras Festival (Lithuania), Body Machine Body (Estonia), 4D Festival (Japan), Blue Monday (Mexico), ZNFI (Slovenia), Primal Uproar (Germany), Montreal Fetish Weekend (Canada), Hamsylet (Ukraine), Wavelength (Canada) and many others.   ***********************************************************

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