VENUE: fr-bb

on Sunday 19 April 2020

at: 11:00-11:30

Since 1999 I am working on different projects that involve sound; as artist as well as organiser. Solo or collaborative works (for performance or installations) can include FM radio experiments with receivers and self built mini-transmitters; reel-to-reel tape machine loop or relay set ups; live sets with any mix of manipulated field recordings, self made devices, amplified objects and magnetic fields, no-input mixer as well as other more traditional instruments and voice. Improvisation is probably the most important factor.
As an organiser I work with the registered association, Salon Bruit e.V., a platform for experimental music. I work with ColaBoraDio, a part of the Freien Radios Berlin Brandenburg, as presenter and programmer on the local frequency 88.4FM. I live in Berlin.

The oldest collaborative project I am working on is noisiV that started in Berlin in 1999. Other collaborations have included TippEx ThinnerKrauchenSpook Soi 14, the dancer Woo Guru and A/V projects with H3XL3R and Keyframed.


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