Maria Carlas & Mylo Cywitz

VENUE: Yuotube Lve

on Thursday 16 April 2020

at: 20:30-21:00


Maria Carlas (IT) and Mylo Cywitz (NL) have recently made their second album: 3n6463m3n7 dr1v3r. The music ranges from text-to-speech opera and spoken word musique concrete to mandolin kvlt, icy synth songs and other things.
They have performed all over Europe separately as solo artists and in groups. Maria Carlas brings her operatic voice, impulsive key work and varied songs to Mylo Cywitz no wave classical industrial compositions. Live they have a costumed show with a lit music stand, accompanying visuals playing obscure mini synths, xylophone and mandolin. Together they have been performing in Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands.


See cybersotu2020 performance: attached youtubevideo

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